BEANZIE:  So Taoiseach can we have your thoughts on  Brexit?

ENDA:  Without a doubt it is the most important meal of the day and I personal favour porridge for it’s nutritional value.

BEANZIE:  No Taoiseach, what to you think of Britain being out of the European Union?

ENDA:  Oh right, well I haven’t seen all the matches but if they didn’t get the required points to qualify they will just have to suck it up.

BEANZIE:  And Cameron is gone also, a huge shock.

ENDA:  Cameroon play in the African Nations cup Beanzie.  Any good journalist worth his salt would have checked his facts.

BEANZIE:  Where does all this leave the prospect of a United Ireland?

ENDA:  In my opinion Kyle Lafferty is the only player from the north who would be good enough to get on our team so we’re probably as well off to stay as we are.

BEANZIE:  Taoiseach what about the affect of all this on Sterling?

ENDA     Without a doubt, Sterling will remain consistent but Harry Kane is a better player.

BEANZIE:  What reaction do you expect from the Markets?

ENDA:  I want to be very clear on this, I expect them to stock up on plenty of fresh bread and ham for the fans to make sangwiches. It’s hungry work supporting the national team

BEANZIE:  Lastly Taoiseach have you any comment on Farage?

ENDA:    Well I think Shane Long has the pace to go past him so I have no worries at all on that front.

BEANZIE:  No, Taoiseach, what I’m talking about is UKIP.

ENDA:    Oh, yes, well I tend to agree.  Personally I prefer Malaga for the holidays.