From Dingle up to Derry (And it’s all with thanks to Gerry)

My order book is filling by the day

I’m the Ballymurphy Knitter

I got a mention on the Twitter

I’ve a week or so to try and make some hay


From Malin Head to Kerry, we pay homage to our Gerry

(And don’t let little typos block our way)

I’m the Ballymurphy Knitter

(and  if I’m honest, you’re all bitter)

For the rate of only ten percent a day


Let the little man make merry while poking fun at Blessed Gerry

But he helps the small business on its way

I’m the Ballymurphy Knitter

With lovely sweaters that’ll fit her

And a ‘friend’ who’ll always help me make you pay


The accusations, they are very detrimental to Saint Gerry

While he struggles to keep publicity at bay

But I’m the Ballymurphy Knitter

And the pal of a hard hitter

People really have to watch the things they say


So take a plane or catch a ferry and all talk is of “White Gerry”

How he “slaved” to show fellow Irishmen the way

I’m the Ballymurphy Knitter

Quite a star on the ‘aul Twitter

And certainly never in the IRA