Hill 16 is ‘Dublin Only’

The Cusack Stand can be quite lonely

Squashed among the green and gold

Interloper in a Kerry fold


Stranger’s voices, foreign tongue

Staring eyes of old and young

“Ye’ll bate us well, there’s not a doubt

Sure I don’t know why we’re even out”


“We shouldn’t have left the roaring fire

but ara we got a snapshot of the Spire”

“Have a sangwich, go on tis ham”

“Soft aul day, and very calm”


Hard to figure if they’re being nice

A soft exterior to a block of ice

“Ara Gooch was never a match for Brogan”

“’twill be the Dubs that get to climb the Hogan”


“We’re only up for an aul day out

and if Kerry can play,  sure we’ll give them a shout”

“The Dubs are the best in many’s a year

a five goal beating tis our greatest fear”


Oh let me home to my beloved Hill

I’m so confused and feeling ill

The cuteness and the double speak

Self deprecation and acting meek


Come on the Dublin boys in Blue

The ghosts of Heffo, Mick Holden too

Take me back where I know the banter

And the lads are winning at a canter


And who says the Dubs have never travelled

I did myself and look what unravelled

A fate that’s worse than very scarey

A Dublin fan alone in Kerry