Cead míle míle fáilte, you’re welcome to our door

Will ye buy a little duty free as you head off to the war?

There’s a special here on airplane fuel and like your foreign policy

Of invading other lands and states, it’s a ‘buy one get one free’


Don’t forget we’re very friendly, (let the Middle East know the score)

Sure we only take the few bob to keep the Merkelwolf from the door

The Bailey’s is on offer and like our own neutrality

When you buy a litre bottle, the country comes for free


For the CIA rendition flights our charge goes through the floor

(‘cause coming back through Shannon, you’ll be carrying a few more)

We’ve a three for two on waterboards, (that beats Guantanamo Bay)

Sure you know we love the watersports or anything for pay


With 2.5 mill soldiers invading each Airport Store

Can I hear the Celtic Tiger or the ISIS Lion roar?

“Sure it’s just to give a cuppa of Peter Barry’s tea

To our neighbour’s sons and daughters who are keeping us all free”


There’s always the begrudgers, they really are a bore

They question why these visitors are darkening our door

Don’t rock the Shannon Airport boat, we’re wise now to your tricks

Sure we need a few ‘aul war planes the economy to fix


While we look around at battles filled with human blood and gore

We wonder is ‘aul Róisín Dubh in it up to her core?

Sitting on the Airport fence is a policy bound to fail

But if you jump right over it, you’ll land yourself in jail