My Friends I have a story, a tale I need to tell

About my young life in a warzone, in the place that’s known as hell

To be a true Republican you must march to your own beat

I wouldn’t watch the Swap Shop when the cable hit our street

I led the campaign against Brucie and his Generation Game

I even banished Tartan when the Bay City Rollers came

So when we praise our Fenian dead, I must be on a par

I’m Mary Lou McDonald from occupied Rathgar


In my growing up I saw my comrades as they fell

Although it was in the convent school in the rush to make the bell

I fought alongside many greats, the bravest you could meet

They’d pinch the arm of any girl who dared to take their seat

All wars they have their victims and no one is to blame

Like when Sophie Reilly Murtagh scratched my new LP of Fame

When the Rising happens I know I’ll not be far

I’m Mary Lou McDonald from Occupied Rathgar


The war continued at a pace, the fights they couldn’t quell

The battles at the barricades over makeup, boys and gel

To be detained for one’s beliefs that never was a treat

But I defended my birth right to wear Docs upon my feet

We took the punishment beatings, some comrades they were lame

And the propaganda spouted was “the shoes, they are to blame”

I’ve seen the sight of a burned out clutch in my Daddy’s Audi Car

I’m Mary Lou McDonald from occupied Rathgar


To represent the downtrodden into Politics I fell

But joining up with Fianna Fail that didn’t go too well

I headed up to Belfast The Shinners team to meet

Though I didn’t really like the place, no Brown Thomas on any Street

They talked at length of Freedom, how the British were to blame

But when compared to Dublin 6, their issues were quite lame

I told them all to cop on before taking things too far

Try being Mary Lou McDonald from Occupied Rathgar