Now Delaney is a donkey the FAI has hired

Completely bloody sneaky he should be feckin’ fired

A bolt in every orifice keepin’ on his head

And an arse to let you know which end he wanted to be fed


Blatter slyly said we’ve underrated him

Why not pay him, his fortune’s set to sag

So they pressed it, caressed it, counted it, addressed it

Sent it in the mail and then the Postman dropped his bag


There was Blatter searchin’ it, kicking it, poking it

All of FIFA arriving into town

Tried hard trackin’ it but ended up not crackin’ it

They couldn’t find the money now they’re five million down


The Donkey was eyin’ them

Openly defyin’ them

Drinkin’, thinkin’ and roarin’ like a kid

Blatter bamboozlin’ him,

All the rest were schmoozin’ him

The day Delaney Donkey lost the five million quid