Where were you when Jack was shot,
From on that grassy knoll?
And where were you when Packie saved
Timofte’s well hit ball?
Did you stop to have a look
When the Berlin wall came down?
Or did you maybe stand and wave
When Mandela came to town?
Or maybe you stopped and said a prayer
When you heard that Dev was dead?
Or were you just like Gerald
In Flagrante in the bed?

Oh where were you when Sirhan killed
Poor Bobby in LA?
Or did you head up to the park
When the Pope he came to pray?
Did your face light up with pride
When Katie won her gold?
And did you smile in Paris
When Drico broke the mould?
And what about the day off work
When Charles and Di got wed?
Or were you just like Gerald
In Flagrante in the bed?

Oh yes we all remember  
When Martin Luther had his dream
And what about the cup being won
By your lifelong favourite team
And then there was Neil Armstrong
As he walked upon the moon
Lets praise the Lord for ’88
Beating England one hot June
And who will ever forget the night
Our country went into the red
Unless of course you’re Gerald
In Flagrante in the bed

Where were you when Charlie had
His night of the long knives?
Or Henri in the World Cup
Playing handball where he thrives
Did you stop to have a look 
When the Pillar it came down?
Or maybe you went to Fagans
When Clinton came to town
And did try to help Sir Bob
When the world it had to be fed
Or were you just like poor Gerald
In flagrante in the bed