What will be my epitaph?

“He neither bent the knee nor tipped the cap”

Will they praise me when I’m gone?

Will Bono pen a tribute song?

Who will wail and what teeth will gnash?

As my earthly body is turned to ash

Hear the voices as they say

“We wish he stayed another day”


What will be my epitaph?

“Here lies the man who made us laugh”

Or maybe a cry of pity the fool

Who railed against the Corporate rule

And should he not have reached the top?

To sup the tainted poison drop

Hear all the voices in the crowd

“At least we know he’s now dead proud”


What will be my epitaph?

“He never climbed that upward graph”

No Corporation claimed his soul

Nor forced him up the greasy pole

A life of pushing back the tide

To find it lapping at his side

My epitaph I hope will be

“Here lies myself, I was always me”