You value me at zero so there’s nothing down for me,

You won’t give me any time but you want my soul for free

I need to plan a life where I know what I will earn

Did you never heed the lessons?

Are you destined not to learn?

Another generation fought this company tooth and nail

Did you think that we’d be different?

Did you think that we would bail?


Give zero to the mother who wants to make a home

And tell her bank you have her back when they’re screaming for their loan

Give ten hours to the man whose kids have special needs

Relying on the adage “he won’t bite the hand that feeds”

Next week you’ll give him twenty and their bellies will be full

But woe betide their appetites when the store it hits a lull


A person needs a future, a person needs respect

We crave some small security not a future that is wrecked

So stuff your zero contracts we’ve had our bloody fill

This fight will gain momentum as it climbs the corporate hill

The super normal profit which you take in every day

Means honest working people should get honest working pay