A jolly old fool with plenty of money

Bright garish suits and jokes, most not funny

He loves so to eat, usually taxpayer pie

Though when he is teased he’s known then to cry

He calls Barrister the Giant to tell him his tale

(With him in his corner he just cannot fail)

Barrister loves cash, it helps him to shine

My friends it’s the tale of Judge and O’Brien


Now our hero loves phones and tills that are ringing

As E Sat by his desk, his pet Lowry singing

Songs that are TENDER and would bring you to tears

About loving the money and how to make it for years

But when he is challenged he lets out a sigh

And Barrister the Giant appears from the sky

“Yes oh great master, is there somebody lyin?”

“You’re a right Windy Wagon” says Judge to O’Brien


Now Judge doesn’t like with one fibre of his paw

The idea that the wealthy can toy with the law

He chastises O’Brien and takes him to task

But it doesn’t take long for the loss of the mask

The Barrister appears to start poor Judge a sweating

But our brave little Judge soon has Barrister fretting

“I’ll stick to my guns because right it is mine”

“We’ll make you eat Crow” says Judge to O’Brien


So he rolls up the Wagon to the steps of the Dail

The suit has improved, the demeanour is Royal

His greatest role now is that of the Fox

(But at least in the program he goes back in his box)

“TD’s pray be silent or I’ll unleash the Giant

And I’ll use my big stick to make you compliant”

Rise up now great country there’s no point in cryin’

“You’re the Dog in the Manger” says Judge to O’Brien