What have they done to my beloved Raheny?

It’s all Cock and Bull and so damn unseemly

When did our village become such a town?

Why did they tear the memories down?


Once Bettyglen was full of foxes

And milk was in bottles and shoppin’ in boxes

The vegetable man sold ye a few  Rush Queens

Carrots and Cabbage and even some beans


The Breadmen from Johnstons with the fresh batch pan

When ye spread on the butter, it was yer only man

Biscuits back then were always sold broken

An’ the aul one in the shop gave ye more as a token


You’d never be stuck for the want of a smoke

Cronin’s sold loosies on the days ye were broke

He’d even give ye a new friendly match

With a wink and a nod for no one to catch


And who ever heard of show your ID?

Fifteen in The Inn was as old as could be

Young fellas choking on their very first pint

Bum fluff and bravado, the craic and the caint


Macari’s Chipper were ye chatted the mots

And they looked at your face and joined up the dots

The single and cod which speeded ye home

With a skinful of drink and always alone


Ah where has it gone or is it just me?

Pinin’ for old times, just let it be

But as long as I live, may my brain never dull

If I don’t yearn for the Manhattan, The new Cock and Bull