DUFFER:   He’s callin’ your name.

BEANZIE:  No he isn’t.

He’s shoutin’ somethin’ about Breezy.

DUFFER:   Yeh that’s you…..the hot chocolate.

BEANZIE: Why do I go to the trouble of tellin’ them me name every mornin’ and they still get it wrong.

When youse had it that young wan Monica knew exactly what I wanted and there was none ‘a this shoutin’ Breezy at me every time I want a cup a somethin’.

DUFFER:   Shes’ grown up kids now…..


DUFFER:   Monica. Her kids are all grown up

BEANZIE:  Well she didn’t rear them on the wages you paid.

DUFFER:   The girls that worked for us were very well looked after.

BEANZIE:  Well ye took the Kings Shilling whatever way ye look at it.

DUFFER:   Do I have to keep remindin’ ye that Starbucks is American.

BEANZIE: Workin’ for the Yankee Dollar then.

DUFFER:   Well it set up my two lads and meself and Mary.

BEANZIE: As long as you’re okay with the crass Americanization of our once great village…..

DUFFER:   It’s a coffee shop Beanzie, it’s hardly Google’s headquarters.

BEANZIE:  The thin end ‘a the wedge Duffer, the thin end ‘a the wedge.

See now they’re calling the Manhattan the Cock and Bull?

DUFFER:   Sure it’s been the Station House for years and you still call it the Manhattan.

BEANZIE:  I’d be happy with the Station House now but the Cock and Bull.  All we need is the Pearly King and Queen sellin’ jellied eels outside the Church singin’ ‘Any aul Iron’.

DUFFER:   It’s progress Beanzie.

BEANZIE:  It is in its Arse. It’s regress.

Will we start callin’ the club ‘Facebook Gaels’ and the other Pubs could be ‘Vodafone Cedars’ and the ‘3 Inn’.

DUFFER:   Sure 3’s the amount that drinks in the Inn days anyway.

Ye have to move with the times.

BEANZIE:  I can only be thankful that Heffo isn’t here to see the ruination of the village where he lived for most of his life.

DUFFER:   Heffo was a pragmatist. He’d understand.  Nothin’ stays the same.

BEANZIE:  I’ll end up havin’ to move to Portmarnock if this keeps goin’.

If it’s good enough for Jimmy Keaveney wha?