“It’s just for the publicity” says the man with the right Hook

(But isn’t that the crux of it if he’d only care to look)

Have we reached the point as people where we just don’t give a damn

About the wicked winter wind that seeks to bite our fellow man

Will you stand up as a leader or be a drone that’s doomed to follow

While your neighbour rises up to stick a rocket up Apollo


“This place is a private building; you should do things by the book”

(While your disadvantaged brother starts to come unstuck)

Stand idly on the sidelines and watch the storm before the calm

Or challenge the dogs of apathy who attack your fellow man

Do they know ‘no fixed abode’ is a bitter pill to swallow?

So with your sister take a stand and stick a rocket up Apollo


“Life’s good to you in your sleeping bag….they’ll never see you stuck”

Say those dizzy doyens of double speak who always give a fuck

Successive failed new policies will free you from your jam

Because at their very core is man’s ‘humanity’ to man

Have you fed yourself with promises or is your stomach still quite hollow

Now with your people take a stand and stick a rocket up Apollo


Let’s patronise the helpers and make sure we never look

At the causes and the reasons why your brother came unstuck

We all know that HSH is just a finger in the damn

So to criticize their effort is like a wolf who fights a lamb

All sniping from the sidelines has a ring that is just hollow

Because if everyone takes a back seat, who puts a rocket up Apollo?